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Awesome New Review

// March 14th, 2012 // 1 Comment » // Books

I’m thrilled to have received a five-star review by a Readers Favourite Reviewer. Check it out at their website.

Here it is below:

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye. for Readers Favorite

This is a very enjoyable story for kids in Kindergarten to fifth grade. It has cartoon drawings here and there to optimize visualization. The language is age appropriate, witty and fast moving. I like it because it is written in an easy English which will be a plus to help readers in the lower levels to read. The story is well-developed and interesting for kids of that age.

Danny is a computer gamer and he is good at it. The only obstacles that keep him from more mature and fun games are his parents. He thinks, breathes and eats computer games, that is until he is ten-years-old, when he decides that the games have become boring. He is ready for the next level, but his mother always says he needs to stay with the safe ones. That has stopped him many times before but not today. He is swallowed up by his computer and finds himself in a place where everything is computer games. Yes! He is now in heaven. But that is until the most ugly monster in that place threatens to eat him. Now, he not only has to play what he likes, but also win a real fight for his life. These terrors will continue until he figures out how to return safely back home to his family.

This book should relate quite well with kids who are in elementary school now. It addresses a theme that they know about and will have experienced many times in their own lives. It is clean and very enjoyable. It will make a great catch for any school or home library.

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My Last Book Signing Event for 2010

// December 9th, 2010 // No Comments » // Books

Tonight I will be selling signed copies of Danny in a Newfangled World at a cool new Oakville hang-out called eSpot.  Normally a hot spot for entrepeneurs and small business owners, it is open to all from 4 to 8pm today.  The event will showcase other local authors and fantastic vendors selling unique gifts for Christmas. 

It is located above Artisano Cafe on Iroquois Shore Road and entrance is free.  Even better – refreshments will be served as guests shop and chat. 

While signing and selling my books has been a fantastic new experience for me, I’m looking forward to spending some extra time on prepping the family for the big holiday.  Christmas is the favourite day of the year in my household of three boys and preparing for it is no simple task!  I’m almost finished buying their gifts and I’m happy to admit that I’ve balanced video games with good old fashioned books.  I hope every parent makes that effort. 

According to the latest research in Christmas purchases, lots of kids are asking for tech “toys” this year.  If an iPad, iPhone, or iPod is on the list, consider downloading some ebooks to add to the digital offerings of each device.  Danny in a Newfangled World is available as an ebook on, and will soon be offered on iTunes as well (just working out some technical glitches!)  They’re on sale for a fantastically low price during the holiday season. 

Danny in a Newfangled World is a particularly great starter ebook for young eyes getting used to electronic reading because it’s not too long (about 100 pages) and is interspersed with some fun illustrations to give those eyes a break.  Even better – it’s about a boy who gets sucked inside his computer, making it especially relevant for digital-loving kids.

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